Saturday, May 23, 2009

An excellent question

My husband keeps telling me that I need to post something here on my blog, but I don't really understand what his issue is since he represents approximately half of my readership and he is already fully aware of the boring mundane events of my life. Nonetheless, it has been a sweet forever since I have blogged, so here is an Annamarie anecdote that Ron thought might amuse the internet.

Annamarie and I were lying on my bed watching the American Idol finale when the Black Eyed Peas appeared to perform the oddly catchy Boom Boom Pow, backed up by some zebra robots or futuristic convicts of some sort. Not surprisingly, what really caught Annamarie's attention was Fergie's bizarro fingernails.

"Are they fake?" she asked. "Stick ons? How long ARE they?" And most importantly, "How can she open cheese sticks?"


Mrs. Jelly Belly said...

That really IS a good question! LOL I think she wears them so that she CAN'T open cheese sticks - how else would she fit into that outfit? I think I'll go get me some of those nails...

Good to see you back, my friend!

Michelle said...

Very good question! I, too, was intregued by the Edward Scissorhands look she had going on. And the zebra people in the background kind of freaked me out. That said, the song is quite catchy and Fergie looked a-freaking-mazing.