Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I think I have been suffering from Post-Vacation Depression or something; whatever the cause, I seem to have a serious case of the blahs that is keeping me from posting or scrapping or doing laundry. Never fear, though--the PVD has not impaired my ability to nap or eat. I intended to post more details about the end of our vacation, but I am going to skip over the $77 speeding ticket I got in Colorado, the missed flight out of Vegas, and Ron's making us visit the Great Meteor Crater (We paid approximately $60 to see a hole. A great big hole, but a hole nonetheless.) and just direct you to the photos, if you're so inclined. It was a really nice trip, and man I'm glad to be home.

The kids started camp yesterday, so I am a free woman from 8:30 until 4:30 every day this week, ironically more free time than I have during the school year. Today Sandy and I put the top down on her little Bug and drove up to Fredericksburg, VA, to visit The Cropper's Corner and Scrapdoodles. I picked up lots of cute stuff to scrap all those vacation photos, now where can I find the inspiration to get started??

I'm off to post the new articles from the fabulous Booya Girls...be sure to check them out! Heather's got lots of cool new stuff in the store, too.

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