Friday, October 24, 2008

New blog again

I have updated posts on my new blog, if you missed the address below. Come on over to and read about my seasickness.

In scrappy news, tomorrow morning Sandy and I are heading out to Fredricksburg to take two classes with Donna Downey. I am really excited about the projects we'll be creating, and I won a drawing for dinner with Donna and the store staff, so that should be fun. I'm also excited about hanging out with former Booya Girl Cindy Liebel, who is taking the same classes.

Hopefully I'll be back late tomorrow with some fabulous mini-albums to show you!


Michelle StClair said...

I so wanted to be there this weekend. Darn kids and family stuff got in the way though. I hope yu had a super freakin good time!

Michelle StClair said...

now i am waiting to see what you created! hoping you had a super great time!

cindy said...

HI! it was a super fun time wasn't it? gosh, wish we could have creative weekends like that all the time...hehehe...but at lower costs ;-) hahaha i need to update my blog. i'll have to do that soon.