Monday, October 20, 2008


I have been seriously procrastinating with my Key West post, and I haven't been able to figure out why. I have been bothered recently by my blog's lack of identity. Do I want it to be a family update blog, a parenting blog, a scrapbook blog? My original intention, and thus the web address of "scrapquest," was to document my attempts to become a published scrapbooker (been there, done that) and to share layouts. Immediately, though, my messy life got mixed in with the scrapping, and although this blog presents a pretty accurate snapshot of my life--some parenting crises, some travel, some scrapping, and a lot of other random stuff--it feels untidy to me. I realize that the scrapbookers who visit might not care to read about the mundane details of my life, and most of my family members, who drop by to see photos of the kids, couldn't give a rat's hind end about scrapbook-related stuff.

So. Henceforth this blog is dedicated solely to scrapbooking and crafty topics. I will continue to post layouts and mini-albums here and I hope you'll stick around. I have created another blog HERE to write about our parenting struggles, post travel photos, and ramble on at will. I have wanted to write some more serious posts here from time to time, but posting a scrapbook page afterward makes for awkward segues.

Of course you're welcome at both blogs. I love you all for reading and I especially love you for commenting.

And now that awkward segue thing: I used one of Karen Russell's awesome new easel albums to showcase some of my favorite photos from Key West. The album has 16 pages, but this is all I'm posting for now because I may do something shocking and actually submit this one to a call. I'll post the rest when it's rejected. :)

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cindy said...

super cute album! i have that one too & i'm hoarding! what Donna Downey classes are you taking? i am taking 3. hope to see you this weekend :-)