Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Altered Cigar Box

This is another gift for an online friend. (Three of us did a handmade swap.) Making handmade things for people is scary, because you put so much work into it and then what if they think it's, as my friend Sandy says, "chumpy"?

Both of the other ladies in this swap make actual non-scrapping crafty things. The recipient of this box sent me a lovely thick, warm scarf, and the other participant makes cool hand-painted glass items. So I, with my scrappy paper gifts, feel a bit like the little drummer boy.


^..^Corgidogmama said...

I found 2 old cigar boxes this fall at yard sales. I knew I wanted to alter them, and make them special. I really love what you did with yours, but, your talent far exceeds my own. Thanks for the ideas though. Hope you had a very Merry.

Holly said...

That looks great! And you KNOW how all crafty types love boxes to stash away things... Super cool!

Diana said...

I found your blog doing a search for altered cigar boxes. I would really love it if you could email me as to how to prep the boxes, as I have a lot of these boxes and would love to make some gifts.