Tuesday, January 26, 2010


So many little pieces of my day in this photo... I'm working on making valentine cards and I was planning on posting some on etsy for sale, but it's probably too close to Valentine's Day at this point. Maybe they'll be ready for next year. My kids feel like they're too old for homemade cards. There's also a tiny peek at a Magistical Memories chipboard album I'm playing with. I keep re-painting/misting/glittering it trying to get just the color combination I have in mind. The chipboard will likely be an inch thick by the time I get it just right.

A highlight of my day (which started off with kids home from school because of widespread flash flooding in our area) was receiving a letter from Victor, the child I sponsor through Compassion. So exciting to get new photos of him and his whole family posing with the clothes and food bought with our Christmas gift. I love this kid from Togo who I've never met but who always draws fish or soccer balls or handbags on his letters to me.

On top is part of the homework I spent 4 hours on today. I'm taking an accounting class at the community college and, silly me-- I thought it would be a piece of cake because I took several accounting classes back in college. After all, that was only 25 years ago. That can't be true, can it? Anyway, this class is kicking my butt in the first week! Tons of details for my feeble old brain to remember.

I also took Annamarie to ice skating lessons, which she started a few weeks ago (she's in the pink coat). It was a beautiful day after the torrential rain stopped, and after skating we stopped into a gifty little shop on the Downtown Mall. Annamarie got a Pandora-style charm bracelet for Christmas and this shop carries Pandora charms, so we went in to take a look. To be honest, we don't shop down there on the Mall very often because the people working in the shops can be pretty snooty, especially with children. The man working in this store could not have been any nicer, and spent a long time patiently showing Annamarie the charms, even knowing that she was unlikely to buy any (they're pricey!). When it's time for her birthday, though, I will be back at that store because that man took a few extra minutes to be nice to me and my children. Isn't it a sad state of affairs that good customer service is something out of the ordinary enough to inspire a blog post?

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