Sunday, May 4, 2008

Give 'em an inch

Yesterday was National Scrapbooking Day, and I intended to spend the day scrapping. I did complete one layout, but I spent a huge amount of time making "inchies." I had never heard of inchies until this weekend, and I am hooked! Basically, inchies are one-inch square pieces of cardstock, patterned paper, glass, canvas, whatever-- that are decorated like tiny layouts. For a 12x12 scrapper like me, that's a minuscule amount of space to fill!

I created the backgrounds using Luminarte's Twinkling H2Os, which are the most fun watercolor paints ever. I can't get enough of these rich, sparkly colors. Heather has a fantastic selection of them individually and in kits at Busy Bee. They also come in dauber bottles and spritzers, which I am definitely going to try.

I started by painting random colors on watercolor paper. I stamped over some areas using foam stamps and the Twinkling H2Os. When the paper was dry, I cut it into one-inch squares. I inked the edges of some of the squares and used them just like that on a layout for a Busy Bee article that will be up later this week.

I embellished some of the others with whatever tiny things I could find in my stash. The more I made, the more ideas popped into my head. It's somehow very satisfying to create a stack of these tiny perfect pieces of art.

Unfortunately, by the time I made these 13, it was 2AM and I had to get up for church at 7:30, so I reluctantly stopped making inchies. I will definitely be making more later today. After my nap.

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