Thursday, May 22, 2008


That really ought to be the title of my whole blog. But today even more than usual.

To start with, my mother is an amazing gardener who tends an acre or so of flowers year round. When we were in Charlotte last week, Annamarie took these photos around Mom's house (I think she has a great eye for her age).

Those gardening genes clearly died out with me. I love to have beautiful flowers in my yard, but I would really prefer that they grow and flourish with no intervention on my part. (If I must be outside I want it to involve a lounge chair, a cabana boy, and service of adult beverages with umbrellas. Now that I have uttered that sentence, tomorrow's post will seem very ironic.) I have discovered a few types of plants and flowers that meet those qualifications and I'd like to publicly thank them for being so cooperative. Thank you, euonymus and hostas and especially you, peonies that bloomed this week. You are big fat showoffs and that's a good thing for flowers.

Another beautiful thing that happened this week was that I received a copy of Memory Makers' Oh Baby idea book. It's an awesome book, and coincidentally contains my first published layout. Pretty cool. I love this photo of my nephew and my mom, which I took on our first big family beach trip last year.

And lastly, I can't leave without a few TV-viewing comments. I loved the American Idol finale, and I am totally smitten with David Cook, despite being old enough to be his mother babysitter. I can't wait until his album comes out. I might be crushed by the end of the Idol season, if not for the fact that tonight was the season premiere of So You Think You Can Dance. And man, was the Grey's Anatomy finale good, despite the ENORMOUS ratio of commercials to actual show. What do you want to bet that Derek will be horribly injured on the way to talk to Rose?

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