Monday, September 29, 2008

Lacking her mother's neuroses

This story is actually from last weekend and I forgot to post it. Annamarie is fortunately not as stricken with anxiety at meeting scrapping celebrities as her mom is. Sandy and I made a road trip to Memories Galore in Richmond, and we took Annamarie with us. I forgot it was the weekend Donna Downey was there teaching classes, but Sandy and I were able to get an in-person peek at the projects we'll be creating when we take the classes in October. We'll be making two of Donna's GORGEOUS mini-albums and I can't wait.

Anyway, Annamarie has watched Donna's video blog posts with me many times. She knows the names of her children and their dog, and she's seen photos of me with Donna from some event or other. When we walked past the classroom at Memories Galore I whispered to her, "See that lady teaching the class? That's Donna Downey." Annamarie was very excited and wanted to chat with Donna, but I said no, she's teaching. Donna's very nice husband Bill encouraged us to go on in since the class was almost done, so Annamarie ran in and said, "I've seen you on your video. Your glasses are very tempting to me." (Such a typical Annamarie comment LOL.) Donna switched glasses with her for a moment and Annamarie exclaimed, "These are WAY too blurry." Then she told Donna that she liked her hair much better when it was "blonde on top and dark on the bottom." No filter on this child, but Donna agreed with her.

I am really excited about the projects, but I've taken classes with Donna before and they move FAST. I am the slowest scrapper in the world, so I'll just take a valium (not really) and finish my project at home if necessary. Sandy and I are taking this one and this one at Scrapdoodles in Fredricksburg.

Donna is also teaching on the Ultimate Scrapbooking Cruise in January. Maybe like everyone in our town, she will recognize me as "Annamarie's mom."

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Sue said...

There are scrapbooking video blogs? That's awesome.

P.S. I already posted the photo. AYEEEEE!