Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Big Anchor

Ron asked me if I was going to explain the "big anchor" thing on this layout, and I probably should have, but it might be one of those stories where you had to be there to appreciate the humor.

When I am feeling wobbly walking from the car, Ron holds my hand to steady me. One day Annamarie wanted to hold my hand instead, but I was afraid I'd fall over and take her down too, so I said, "Thank you, but Daddy is a bigger anchor." Ron said, in a very wry voice, "That's me. Ron 'Big Anchor' Michener." It struck me as funny and I laughed so hard I nearly had to sit down in the parking lot.

It wouldn't be the first nickname he's had. A few years back Annamarie started calling him "Mr. Incredible." (He liked that better than her previous nickname for him: Gray Hair.) But it made me think about how he really is my anchor in a lot of ways. He balances out my flightiness and always sees the big picture when I get bogged down in details. He is just always there for me and the kids, and he very rarely ever loses his cool, whereas I am always flying off the handle.

I know that a lot of times he feels like an indentured servant around our needy household, and I feel bad that he doesn't get much time or space to himself. I just hope he knows how much the kids and I appreciate him. So many families are without a father at all, and dads like Ron--loving, gentle, patient, involved--are incredibly rare. I love you, Big Anchor.


Mrs. Jelly Belly said...

I love this story, Cyndi.

Perhaps you should just call Ron "BA" - everyone will assume it means Bad Ass. No explanation required. :)

(Oh, love the layout too, natch!)

joyful said...

Aww. A lovely tribute to a loving partner.