Friday, August 8, 2008

Scrappin' and Travelin'

Hello! Happy Friday! In just a little while the kids and I are going to head down to see my parents in North Carolina and we'll be there until Tuesday. I have neither packed nor showered, and I have to pick Annamarie up at camp in oh, an hour and 45 minutes. To answer your inevitable question, no, we don't ever stay home. My mom and dad are celebrating their 45th anniversary this weekend, and my sister-in-law was thoughtful enough to arrange a small gathering of friends and immediate family at the fish camp. (If you're not from the South, suffice it to say that a fish camp is a particular type of seafood restaurant. It's a southern wouldn't understand. ) Mmmm mmmm, I will be clogging my arteries with some hush puppies tomorrow night.

I have been scrapping the past couple of days and I'll share a couple of layouts. They're nothing fancy, but I am in git 'er done mode again and just want to get some events and photos scrapped and in albums. OK, in a stack over there in the corner, but it's a step closer to being in albums.

A couple of people asked about my Alaska album layouts. I didn't scan any because they are so incredibly simple, but this is the first two-page spread in the album. You can click to see it bigger if you're so inclined.

For each place we visited, I had one of my favorite photos printed in an 8x12 size at Scrapbook Pictures. Their prints are gorgeous, they ship fast, and their prices are very reasonable. I added a title to each big photo in PhotoShop before I uploaded them. Then I printed out Ron's lengthy journaling on vellum, cut it apart, and stuck it with the appropriate photos. Very simple, as I said, but I would be crazy bored with the project if I tried to do an embellished page for all the photos I want to include.

Now I am starting to panic about the packing and the showering. Have a great weekend!

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Michelle StClair said...

YOu know one day....we will have to meet up....cuz you know I am in NC. ;)