Saturday, April 12, 2008

A letter to dh

Dear Ron,

I know you didn't mean to spill coffee in my fancy ergonomic multimedia keyboard, but this $12 replacement really makes me appreciate all those shortcut keys I had grown so attached to. When I want to change the volume while I'm watching TV on my computer, my hands hover uselessly, searching in vain for the volume keys.

I appreciate your attempting to fix it by flushing it with distilled water and alcohol--the internet is just a font of useful suggestions. And it almost worked! If only I didn't need working u, i, and o keys. When you plugged my keyboard back in after letting it dry for 2 days, a chorus of angels sang. All seemed well until you suggested that we watch last night's Survivor online since the DVR failed to record it last night. Or should I say, "srvvr," because that's what I got when I typed in the web address.

So it was back to the cheap spare keyboard, and I guess I should be grateful. But I'll be making a run to Staples tomorrow. And as Annamarie loves to say, you are prohibido from my desk.


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MicheleAnderson said...

It's the thought that counts...right?

I think a trip to the spa at the hotel is Ron's treat. :)