Monday, April 14, 2008

Ruby & Karma

Since we adopted Ruby, we have probably averaged 5 trips per week to our local dog park. As long as Ruby gets some exercise most days, she is a good, calm dog. For someone who was always a cat person until marrying a man with allergies, watching the interactions between the dogs is fascinating. They have such strong personalities and preferences about who they play with. Ruby is willing to play with some dogs for a few minutes, but she has definite favorites. She and Karma are clearly BFFs, despite the flashing jaws and bared teeth. Karma is actually jet black, but after Ruby has gummed all over her and they have rolled in the dirt, Karma is covered with slobbery mud. It all looks pretty gross to me, with the gumming and biting and rolling in the dirt, but oh my gosh it must be fun. If you make the mistake of picking up Ruby's leash to move it at home, you will set off a round of bouncing and barking and then you will feel terrible about dashing a poor puppy's widdle hopes to the ground.

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