Monday, November 10, 2008

Because I find myself endlessly fascinating

Where I went today:
* Lunch with Sandy at Riverside (legendary hamburgers and a basket o'fries)
* Target (lots of Christmas shopping done and a new sweater)
* Dog park

What I'm looking forward to:
* Neil Diamond concert on Dec. 9
* David Cook's album release Nov. 18
* Ultimate Scrapbooking Cruise Jan. 11
* Thanksgiving in Charlotte with my family
* Twilight movie release on Nov. 21
* Decorating for Christmas

Blogs I have discovered this week and think you should too:
* Cool Mom
* Pleasant View Schoolhouse
* Bye Bye, Pie!

Who is on my mind and in my prayers this week:
* My 2-year-old nephew Ford, who was hospitalized over the weekend with breathing problems
* My friend Michele who just lost her father-in-law
* Another friend whose marriage is struggling
* Our friends the Gritskos who are awaiting a foster-to-adopt placement

And look at the post time...did I squeak that in under the wire or what?

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