Saturday, November 8, 2008


Wow. Ron and I saw Fireproof today. I had heard a lot of wonderful things about this sleeper hit, made by the same Georgia church that produced Facing the Giants, and let me tell you it lived up to the hype. I foolishly left my purse full of Kleenex in the car, and my shirt sleeves suffered all sorts of tear- and snot-related indignities.

Please, take your husband or wife and go see this movie, even if you feel like your marriage is rock solid, but especially if you are struggling. Or if you're single but hope to be married someday, or if you're divorced and hope to try love again. You will leave the theater as I did, wanting to love better, and thinking hard about what real, sacrificial love is. I needed that message now. I pray that I am equal to the challenge.


Mrs. Jelly Belly said...

I don't really do movie theaters, but I will certainly look for it when it comes out on DVD. And I'll make sure my Kleenex are handy. :)

MLL said...

Hello! I stumbled on your blog via NaBloPoMo and enjoyed reading it. We are big dog park fans too. And yes, we know the names of all the dogs, but few of their humans. Annamarie sounds like a joy.