Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Excuses, Excuses

Reasons why I will not be writing a real post this evening:

1) I can't stop sneezing. I've been feeling a head cold coming on for a few days, and it seems to have arrived.

2) My mind (the part not filled with snot, anyway) is occupied with the upcoming battle with Annamarie's school system. We are actually hiring a lawyer, something I have only done in the past for good reasons, like buying a house and adopting children.

3) I have been shopping online. One of the biggest online scrapbook stores is having a HUGE sale and I just got about $11,000 worth of stuff for $63 shipped. This store has had some stocking and shipping issues in the past, so we shall see what actually arrives and when. I am optimistic.

4) I must go to bed and rest up for my annual exam/pap smear/lecture about my weight at the crack of dawn. Maybe that will involve something interesting enough to post about tomorrow. Something for you to be optimistic about.


Mrs. Jelly Belly said...

A battle with AM's school system? Oh no. That doesn't sound good...

Hope you feel better. I've been sneezing like crazy, too. Annoying.

Have fun at the doctor's office - and try not to embarass yourself by having random paper supplies stuck to your girlie bits. LOL

Michelle StClair said...

I have been so lucky with Nathan's schooling and IEP stuff....hugs to you.

Oh boy. I love going to the doctor. Now that my blood pressure and cholesterol are high, it makes those visits even more fun!

MicheleAnderson said...

So sorry about the lawyer thing. I'm assuming it is the same stuff we talked about in the past. I hope it isn't new stuff.

Good luck at the doc.

And, help a girl out with a sale. Link please?

Michelle StClair said...

MomToTwo said...

What's going on with the school? I feel for you, hon.