Sunday, November 30, 2008

Whew, it's over

Day 30 of NaBloPoMo and I DID IT. I filled up the internet with meaningless drivel every day for a month. I hope that I will be able to keep up the regular posting, but don't expect to see me every day.

My brilliant husband was mentioned in a New York Times article today. You have my permission to say, "Wow, I know this guy!"

My Christmas list consisted of exactly one item, and it is apparently the Tickle Me Elmo of Christmas 2008. It is back ordered and expected to ship in 11 to 13 weeks. Three months, are you kidding me? Oh, you can purchase one on eBay for about a thousand bucks, but I am not insane and neither is my husband. So tell me, my friends, what do I want for Christmas now? That's what I get for being fiscally responsible and not buying it for myself months ago.


Mrs. Jelly Belly said...

Wow, the NYT article is AWESOME. Good for Ron! I hope the book does well. And that you can buy it for your Kindle.

I can't believe that waiting list! I am soooo glad I got mine when I did. Did you get on the list? Sometimes the waiting list ends up being shorter than they claim it will be, so don't give up on it. You will LOVE it.

Congrats on finishing all 30 days. I enjoyed every single one of your posts and looked forward to them every day. Really I did!

MicheleAnderson said...

Yeah Ron!

I also wanted the Kindle, but heard that after the new year they are releasing an upgraded model. Not sure what that will include.

MomToTwo said...

Awesome article, Ron! I guess I'm not going to get Luke a Kendle this year, huh?
Congrats on finishing all 30 days - I enjoyed reading your posts every day. :)

Anonymous said...

congrats to your hubby!

MLL said...

What an inspiring story....thank you for sharing it. And I hope Annamarie is feeling better!