Saturday, November 15, 2008

Burning Questions

Where is my scrapping mojo?

Is it with all of my black and white long sleeve t-shirts that have gone missing?

What am I going to wear to church tomorrow? (Not that I would wear the b/w t-shirts if I could find them. These questions are unrelated except that they both fall under the general heading of I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR.)

And again with that topic, why can't I find a decent pair of khaki pants that are neither too low-rise for my freakishly long waist nor so high-waisted as to be totally unfashionable?

What am I going to give Thomas' RIs (dorm parents, both 20-something guys) for Christmas?

Why can't I seem to take a decent photo anymore?

Is anyone out there?


MicheleAnderson said...

I'm here! :)

MomToTwo said...

I'm here! And I have no answers. :(

Mrs. Jelly Belly said...

I'm here! All of my clothes seem to be missing, too. I think I'll stop looking and just go shopping.

How about iTunes gift certificates for Christmas gifts?