Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lessons from Dad

Annamarie is so blessed to have a dad who has the patience to teach her important life skills like making pumpkin pie. Here he was helping her read the recipe from the back of the can. After years of experimentation, I can tell you that that is the location of the perfect pumpkin pie recipe: on the back of the Libby's Pumpkin can. Fortunately, he remembered to buy fresh spices as well.

Showing her how to crack an egg, scientifically. Ruby seems interested in his method as well.

Ruby is still interested in the proceedings and hoping someone is going to drop something.

Continuing the lesson all the way to the oven.

The pies turned out yummy. Poor Ruby didn't get any, but I hope Annamarie will have yet another memory of how much her Dad loves her. The photos are pretty bad because my point & shoot was the closest thing at hand and I was trying to be stealthy with the zoom, but I think they captured the moment anyway.


MomToTwo said...

I want to know how to "scientifically" crack an egg, too!

Mrs. Jelly Belly said...

Pies? Plural? Exciting! Any left? Coming over...

Diane Duda said...

well, we have something in common. i just made my first pumpkin pie last week. how sad is that?
why should i make 'em when my mom's are so perfect?


Cyndi said...

We made one for our bible study group that meets tonight and one for us. If you hurry over, there might still be a piece for you. :)

MLL said...

Ruby looks like a very helpful dog! My dogs love to "help" too :-)