Thursday, March 6, 2008

Balance seemingly restored to the Universe

In contrast to the rest of the week, today totally rocked. My house is sparkly clean, including my scrapping area, which never happens. Both kids went to school, and I got the dreaded grocery store visit over with before 10:00am. I DESPISE the grocery store. Evidence of that fact: we ran out of toilet paper yesterday and I dragged out some tiny rolls of camping toilet paper rather than making a run to the store which is three quarters of a mile from my house. I did the dog's daily training using potato chips. But now we are totally stocked with Charmin Ultra, dog treats, tampons and cheese, so life is good.

I really should use my good camera and try to get some better photos of my scrap space tomorrow. But this is where I spend the bulk of my "me" time and it's rarely ever this tidy so this photo will do for now.

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Jean said...

It just may be possible that you have more crap than even I do. Oh, the difference? You USE yours!