Thursday, March 13, 2008

I *heart* mini-albums

I also heart Daisy D's fun vintage-y stuff. I just posted this one on eBay, working toward the goal of raising money to pay for the scrapping cruise I'm going on in January 2009. If it doesn't sell I will give it to my Mom for Mother's Day.

After saying many times that I wouldn't do a scrapping cruise because I wouldn't be able to decide whether to crop or enjoy the cruise, I am really excited about this one because of the amazing instructors. Well, and the whole getting away from the family (my bff Mary Beth is going with me) and sailing the Caribbean thing, but mostly the instructors. I have taken classes with Donna Downey in the past, and she's lots of fun. But Heidi Swapp will also be teaching! And Margie Romney-Aslett from Making Memories, and the most personally exciting to me, the fabulous Karen Russell! I am a serious stalker of Karen's blog, I love her Narratives products, and her photos just blow me away.

Next month I am attending Scrap Etc. in Nashville with my superfly friend Michele, and I'm stressing a bit about the experience because (please don't tell anyone!) I haven't exactly been keeping up with the homework assignments they've been sending for months. OK, I haven't exactly done ANY of it. They say it's optional, but I was mostly a straight A student and I just don't know if I can show up to class without my homework done. I want extra credit, dammit! I want to be the teacher's pet!

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Carla said...

Gorgeous albums.

. . . and just WHEN were the two of you going to tell me you were going to Nashville? If I'm not there, who is going to herd the drunken cats when they get out of control?