Tuesday, March 25, 2008


If you're not a blog junkie like myself, you might not have heard of NaBloPoMo. It was started by the amazing Eden Marriott Kennedy of Fussy (I am not worthy to mention her on my blog) as a way to get bloggers in the habit of daily blogging. Each month there is a theme, and April's theme is "letters."

Since I have been composing a mean, catty, and hopefully funny letter in my head for several days anyway, I thought this might be an appropriate time to join NaBloPoMo. There is a person in my life who deserves a nasty letter, but I hate conflict so I will post it on the internet instead of leaving it on her porch beside a flaming bag of dog poo. (Several days ago, I expressed to Ron my desire to do just that, and he said, "When people ask 'What would Jesus do?' bags of flaming poo seldom feature in the answer." Party pooper.)

Anyway, I will be encouraged in my efforts to blog every day in April by any comments you might leave. (Unless you're a spammer.) Comments are like crack to me.

(I love parentheses.)

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