Friday, March 28, 2008

Thinking of turning pro

I think it's great that many scrapbookers have been able to turn their love of photography into business ventures. My mom and my sister-in-law both think I take great photos (although their standards are pretty low), so maybe I should consider becoming a portrait photographer. I could really use some extra money. I thought I'd spend a few minutes practicing with my son this afternoon. He insisted that I include the dog, but I figured it would be good practice for dealing with difficult clients.

Hmm, first I should probably remove distracting items from the background.

OK, everyone look at me.

How about a nice hug?

Well, hello.

Let's quit goofing around and get serious here. Show me your best side.

Now that's more like it. Whew, this is work better left to a trained professional.

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