Thursday, March 20, 2008

Girls' Night Out

My friend Sandy and I went to see Michael Buble at The Jack tonight. I didn't know much about Michael Buble before Sandy said, several months ago, "If Michael Buble ever comes to town, I definitely want to go." I am the ticket buyer for everyone I know, apparently. Something to do with my misspent youth and the hundred or so concerts I've seen. Anyway, I went along because Sandy is the kind of friend who would truly give you the Ralph Lauren shirt off her back or even keep your kids for two hours so you could have your haircolor disaster repaired, and she really wanted to go. As of tonight, though, I am a FAN. I knew that he had an amazing voice, but he is just an all around great performer. He is hilarious and sexy in a slightly dorky way, and I love to watch a performer who is obviously having as much fun as the audience is. This first photo is my favorite because that light flare is just too cool, but I got a surprisingly large number of decent shots.

More photos at My Flickr, and I will refrain from bitching about how my husband spoiled my American Idol viewing by announcing who got voted off as soon as I walked in the door. What was he THINKING??

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