Saturday, March 8, 2008

Did I say that out loud?

My last post was obviously too great a temptation for fate. Remember my question about the wisdom of coloring my hair during a week where everything has gone wrong? Yesterday I decided to treat myself to a long overdue color touch up at an actual salon instead of taking the risk of doing it myself. I will not post the tedious details of the young stylist turning my previously dark blonde hair first platinum (I looked dismayingly like Billy Idol for a frightening half hour), then orange, then a blotchy sort of tan/orange/yellow/grey. Here's a photo:
Of course that's not an actual photo of me--I was too depressed to take one--but it was closer to that than you might imagine. FIVE HOURS after entering the salon I had to leave to meet Annamarie's bus, still looking like a tabby cat. There might have been tears shed in the car, but I was determined to remain positive for the kids' sake. I picked Annamarie up, collected Thomas from school and Ruby from doggy daycare, and went home to hide for the weekend.

When I sat down at my computer to check email, it refused to boot up. Twenty-four hours later it still won't start. I'm posting from Ron's computer. You don't believe me, do you? All of this can't possibly have really happened in one week. Oh, please please let me wake up and discover that it's been a dream I can laugh about.

The good news is that the lovely manager of the salon worked on my hair today and got it to a more natural looking shade, although much more blonde than my usual color and still pretty fried. Huge thanks to my friend Sandy for taking the kids out for ice cream while I went to the salon today.

Holy cow, I just realized what caused all of this. It's those emails that my Aunt Betty sends me every day. I was warned that bad things would happen if I didn't forward them to 12 people within a half hour. And I must have ignored dozens of them! The madness may NEVER end!


Jean said...

I'm so sorry to laugh at your misfortune, but you almost had me rolling on the floor all the way through that. Love the picture!

Hope things get better for you.


Noteable said...

Sending you the "You Made My Day" award..check my blog for details :)